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A friend recently asked me how I would define peace for me. I never thought about it. I often had discussions with him that I need contentment and peace in my life, but I didn’t describe it for me. This was a very intriguing question. 

What is peace for you? How would you define it for yourself?

I googled it. Wikipedia said: “Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. In a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict (such as war) and freedom from fear of violence between individuals or groups.”

Wiki answered the question in a general way, the way we would define peace from an aerial view. 

Well, I think the definition of peace would be the same for every individual, but the ways to achieve it can/would be different. The calmness of the sea can be defined in both its waves and stillness. It depends on the person defining it. 

For me, serenity is situation dependent and company dependent. I can feel calm while sipping coffee with a dear friend. On a Sunday morning, I am at ease just lying in the bed. I find placidity in lazy afternoons, re-watching a movie, or doing nothing. Enjoying the tranquility of nature while traveling to dancing my feet off. It’s watching the sunrise and sunset. Staring at the moon amongst stars. I cannot define it as just one. There are multiple ways of finding peace. 

My mind can be at rest when I am with the one. Looking into each other’s eyes, stroking the hair, not uttering any words, that’s when your hearts sync. The stillness of that moment takes away all the agitation and distress. I know and understand that our mind cannot be at peace at all times. Maybe that’s Nirvana and I am far from reaching there. 

All I need is these moments of comfort. Life is all about the experience and we cannot expect it to be all good. But as a dear friend said, “We need to choose who to experience these ups and downs with.” And I am in total agreement. A person with whom you can perceive this momentary security and comfort can help you live this life. You can feel alive in these moments. Lows of your life would feel worth it when you can end your day with love. 

Everyone should get their moments of harmony, that’s what makes this life experience worth it. 

3 thoughts on “Peace

  • Mohit Bansal

    Peace can’t be searched or loooked for in the materialistic things or in outer world..
    It is the thing which resides inside us…just to feel it..deep dig inside..and just cherish the simplicity ?

  • namit balouria

    ??? touching thoughts.

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