A place away from reel world and edging into reality



In a far far field where the wild flowers grow

I hope to find you dipped in white snow!

A hint of cold but warmth within,

You wake up and it all glows!!


When the sun is blocking your eyes

You said my name, 

You sounded far far away,

Like the words held for so long!


You look for me,

But couldn’t see!

Though I was right there,

But you could not see!


Watching you stretch your arm,

And hoping to touch me,

You wave it all around,

But I was no where found!


Restless you became,

As ne’er before,

You would have called

And I never came!


And then you smiled,

When our eyes met,

You pull me closer,

As if the world has come to an end!


Chilly outside,

But cozy within,

I hug you tight,

And my heart spin!


I feel peaceful and complete,

Like there is nothing more,

I would ever need!


Home is not a place,

For me, it’s you!

Just you!