A place away from reel world and edging into reality



Life is collection of moments!
Moments when our heart skipped a beat,
Moments when we thought this shouldn’t pass,
In the moments when we feel, forever it should last!

Moments when you laugh so hard,
Care free when you dance,
Moments in which you forget who you are,
As if, this is the last chance!

Last chance, to seize the moment,
and make every second’s worth,
Last chance, to be happy,
That you were born on earth!

In that moment,
You forget about the moon and stars!
You don’t hear the sound of waves
and forget your rave!
All that there is, is this moment!
The moment that makes you realize,
This is life!
And in those very moments,
when time stood still,
In that stillness,
You find your peace!
Life is not about motion but stillness!